Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Where can I learn more about policies that apply to me?

Current KAUST postdocs and researchers can access the University's policy page. Policies specific to postdocs and researchers are located under the classification Research. Direct links to frequently requested policies are listed here: Policies and Procedures.

If you are unable to find the answer to a specific contract or policy question, please contact the HR Helpdesk.

What skills development opportunities are open to me at KAUST?

  1. The Office of Postdoctoral and Researcher Affairs (OPRA) sponsors professional development sessions exclusively for postdocs and research scientists several times a year. Email announcements for Upcoming Events are sent to eligible participants. Information about past training is available here: Past Events.
  2. As part of KAUST’s focus on education, the Core Labs provide training to lab users. After qualification, users are free to operate instruments independently.
  3. Various University departments offer seminars on a regular basis. Please see the division websites for more details: BESE, CEMSE and PSE.
  4. Startup accelerator programs are offered for part-time (TAQADAM) and full-time (910ths) entrepreneurs.
  5. PostUP is a certificate program designed by the KAUST Entrepreneurship Center to empower KAUST postdocs with an innovation and commercialization mindset.
  6. The In-Kingdom Career Launch program is one of the In-Kingdom Retention Initiatives organized by the Office of Strategic National Advancement. The IKCL program seeks to identify employment opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s academic, industrial, and research sectors. For more information about this program, please contact the In-Kingdom Placement Program team at