Life at KAUST

A community where the residents are proud to live and proud to work, show a respect for other cultures and have a sense of ownership.



KAUST is a work-play-live environment. We are more than a premier university; we are also a city. On the shores of the Red Sea, our services and amenities offer an exceptional quality of life, from schools to recreation to health care. We are a community where more than 100 nationalities – celebrated in our annual Parade of Nations – learn, live and thrive together.

Life at KAUST is enhanced by community events, clubs, classes, programs, and educational and recreational facilities. You can learn a foreign language or play a musical instrument, improve your sports performance with coaches and trainers, listen to a concert cheer for a sports team, kayak on the Red Sea and much more.

As a member of the KAUST community, you and your family will enjoy a unique living environment, which combines high-quality housing and community amenities. KAUST is an extremely safe, beautifully laid out community covered with trees, gardens, walking paths, plazas, parks and seaside views. It is easy to get around on foot or by bicycle, or using the free community buses. Any commute takes ten minutes or less by car within KAUST.


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