The Office of Postdoctoral and Researcher Affairs (OPRA)


KAUST attracts the highest caliber researchers at the postdoctoral, research scientist and research technician levels in support of its mission to advance science and technology through distinctive and collaborative research. The University's postdocs and researchers bring new knowledge and innovative techniques from across the globe to create a thriving research environment in which ideas are continuously cultivated. 

Guided by the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Office of Postdoctoral and Researcher Affairs (OPRA) supports a community of around 800 postdocs and researchers. OPRA endeavors to
• Ensure a conducive environment where postdocs and researchers can advance their research experience and scholarly training;
• Liaise with faculty, human resources and administration on matters related to postdocs and researchers;
• Identify, implement and coordinate career and professional development programs;
• Offer an ombuds service;
• Review and improve policies and procedures related to the recruitment and tenure of postdocs and researchers; and
• Conduct intake and exit procedures for postdocs and researchers.

Postdocs and researchers account for nearly 40 percent of the total research community at KAUST. In the KAUST research machine, the faculty may be the drivers but the researchers are the engine!