Currently Available Positions

Advertised postdoc and researcher positions can be viewed here.

However, there may be opportunities beyond the positions that are advertised. The Office of Postdoctoral and Researcher Affairs encourages all prospective postdocs and researchers to explore the online resources detailed below.

To achieve its mission, KAUST engages in both curiosity-driven and goal-oriented research through its three Academic Divisions and twelve Research Centers. Within the Academic Divisions, there are sixteen academic programs. Together, the academic divisions and research centers leverage the interconnectedness of science and engineering, and encourage interdisciplinary approaches.

Current KAUST faculty and their contact information are listed here. To browse KAUST faculty based on their research area, please click here.

KAUST offers internationally competitive salaries and benefits on a graded system. Details and finalized terms will be available to individuals upon an offer of employment at KAUST.