People benefit from a mosaic of mentors


To complement the mentorship of supervisors, the KAUST Mentoring Program offers postdocs the opportunity to interact with Faculty or other professionals to help support and guide particular aspects of their career and personal development, such as:

‘managing a research group’        ‘preparing for the next career step’          ‘achieving work-life balance’

The administration will be performed by the OPRA team. Based on a short survey in the application process we will match Mentees with Mentors and start you on your journey.

The process is driven by the Mentee. The Mentor will help the Mentee navigate a pathway to achieving their goals, drawing on their knowledge and experience. As well as being personally rewarding, the Mentor can co-benefit by learning things about themselves, their management styles as well as new methodologies, technologies, innovations and other research areas.

The structure: Over the course of the 6-month program, Mentee-Mentor pairs are encouraged to meet regularly (at least once a month) to work toward goals they set at the beginning of the program. Meetings may be semi-formal with set agendas on particular topics or less-formal discussions over coffee.

Upcoming Mentoring Program: September 2021 to February 2022. Postdocs and Faculty will be contacted by email in August to provide more information about the program and to evaluate interest in the program.

Resources: Some useful resources on mentoring can be found here.

For inquiries contact the OPRA team: